R-Loc metal panel

Panel Profile Series: R-Loc®

R-Loc® Panel is Designed to Maximize the Potential of Your Structure

This series provides information about our each of our high-quality panels to help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

Strong and durable, for today’s commercial market.

The R-Loc® panel from Central States Manufacturing is designed to maximize the potential of your structure, specifically the steel frame. With the added purlin bearing leg, R-Loc provides easier installation and a more pleasing appearance.

R-Loc is available in 26-gauge with 36-inches of overall coverage.

  • Industry standard configuration allows maximum purlin spacing for a cost-effective building.
  • Ideal for low-pitch commercial roofs.
  • Matching trims and accessories are available.
  • Galvalume. Prime panels feature CentralGuard® protection and a lifetime paint warranty. R-Loc is also available in limited colors of Thrifty 26 gauge, no purlin bearing leg, and a 20-year paint warranty.
  • CentralGuard® is our specific combination of everything that goes into making the highest-quality metal panels. Choose CentralGuard for the perfect balance of fade protection, rust blocking, and dent resistance.
  • Bare (unpainted) Galvalume panels from Central States have an acrylic coating which eliminates using oils during manufacturing and eliminates fingerprinting and foot marking during installation.
  • The minimum roof slope for the 1-1/4″ R-Loc is a 1/2:12 pitch. This will allow for sufficient drainage of water. For added protection, a sealant tape can be used on the panel laps.

Learn more about R-Loc or any other of our high quality panels.

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