Michigan City Plant Employees doing quality checks on a panel cut

We see you EO’s!

In the past few weeks, our marketing team has had the opportunity to visit all of our sites.

For some of us it was our first trips to see the different plants and meet our amazing employee-owners face to face.

No matter whether in Texas, Claysburg, St. Peters, Jasper or Hartford – the biggest common denominator for our success, our culture, our place as an industry leader is you. Our amazing EO’s.

You hold us together during the good and the bad. In celebration and during challenges.

Forget mailmen and the elements they battle. In the extreme heat of Texas to the frigid conditions of the North and East – our production techs continue to provide our quality products to our incredible customers no matter what – we see you.

The ability to be easy to do business with is all about our Business Development Managers and Territory Sales Managers. We have heard the really good conversations and we’ve heard the bad. Your honesty, product knowledge and dedication to providing the best to those who we serve is invaluable and keeps us going – we see you.

The faces of our company – the drivers. You hear the good, the bad and the ugly. You are our company’s greatest ambassadors – we see you.

The ability to go above and beyond is a badge of pride we all try and wear. To all of the EO’s who drop everything and get the job done – we see you.

To the guys and ladies who know our products and services inside and out – our Metal Central EO’s. You guys take care of so many people who walk through your door with a servant spirit and knowledge to guide their projects to a successful end – we see you.

The Human Resources departments who strive everyday to bring in the best talent. Who ensures that the communities that we work in, live in and serve in know who we are and why we are special – we see you.

Along with that community interaction comes our drive to serve and give back. Through sweat equity, compassion and empathy – we work, we give, we love. To all our employee-owners – we see you.

It is an honor to come to work shoulder to shoulder with the closest thing to a professional family many of us have ever experienced. We work for each other, and we work for our families. Never should a blind-eye be turned to the importance and impact that every one of you have every day – we see you and we thank each and every one of you.



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