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Why You Should Drive for Central States

There are different reasons why people choose to join the Central States Manufacturing family. For drivers, that is no different.

It’s the added benefits that drivers encounter and take advantage of that sets our employee-owner drivers apart from their behind-the-wheel counterparts at other companies.  The benefits are outstanding. The fact that you have a dedicated truck is really nice and you can also bring your pet along on the ride!

The opportunity to spend time at home is a blessing. Many drivers miss so many milestones and holidays with family. At Central States, paid holidays are difference makers for our drivers and for their families.

A Family Culture

All that being said, drivers establish long careers with Central States because of one thing – the feeling of family.

When you break it down – the CSMI fleet and the logistics department that serves them, are a close-knit unit who absolutely are focused on being driver first.

The phrase “work family” is thrown around a lot these days but it is absolutely true here. It really is like having an extended family. From BBQs to holidays, fishing trips and more, CSMI drivers are close. They lean on each other and so do their families.

Representing Central States Every Day

Our employee-owner drivers are the face of our company every day with more face-to-face contact with our customers than anyone else in the company. They hear the good and the bad. They are problem-solvers and innovators. In many cases those driver-customer relationships develop into more than just that. They evolve into true friendships.

I experienced this first-hand on a ride along that I had the opportunity to do.

The customers on our route were all on a first-name basis with the driver. Questions flew back and forth asking about each other’s families, what they did on vacation, happy birthday greetings and more.

The interactions that day for me were every day for our drivers. That’s what makes them so special and why they are so valued.

To everyone in the Central States company, our fleet of drivers are known by their names, their dedication to the company and our customers – not numbers in a truck. They are our greatest asset and ambassadors for our growing company.

Get in touch to join a true professional driving family.

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