Row of white roll up doors inside of a self-storage facility

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GAUGE:  22 gauge


Filler/ Header Panel: hides the working mechanism of the roll-up door.

  • Filler Panel is typically chosen as part of the corrugated hallway system and is available in the same color and profile as the roll-up door. Includes the necessary side and bottom channels for hassle-free
  • Header Panel is part of a flush hallway system and provides a smooth, contemporary look (currently only available in glossy white). Includes angles and channels necessary for installation.

Single and Double Roll-Up Frames: provides a jamb structure for mounting a self-storage door.

  • Includes the necessary channels, angles, bases, and fasteners for a secure installation on exterior walls, floors, and /or ceilings.
  • A double roll-up frame supports two adjacent door guide channels.
  • A single roll-up frame supports one door guide channel.
  • Double roll-up frames are available in 12” wide to 24” wide.
  • Single roll-up frames are available in 6” wide to 12” wide.
  • Manufactured to project hallway height from durable, prefinished, glossy 8” white heavy-gauge steel.
  • Work with Corrugated or Flush hallway systems.

Unit Wall Partition: series of 20” wide galvalume panels that fit together to create the wall between storage units.

  • Includes the necessary angles, channels, and fasteners for each floor’s configuration.

Midspan Bracing: galvalume heavy-gauge channel that affixes to the partition wall to enhance the integrity of the wall system and avoid the need for load-bearing walls.

Burglar Bars: galvanized or glossy white hat channels that attach horizontally to support columns and secure the space above the top of the hallway system or the unit partition.

Mesh and Mesh Angles: effectively secure tenant contents while allowing ventilation and lighting inside each unit.

  • 2” x 2” 16-gauge mesh is installed across all units with mesh angle and clips.

Kickplates: made from diamond plate metal, are installed at the bottom of the hallway wall to help prevent potential damage caused by hallway traffic.

Mitered Corner Guards: 2” x 2’ angles that provide additional protection for hallway corners to minimize damage caused by hallway traffic.

  • Available in a 45- or 90-degree angle profiles.

Central States offers a variety of educational tools for your use. We recommend reviewing the below documents when making your decision to buy Hallway Systems.

Make Central States your one-stop shop for doors and hallway systems with a wide-array of options to suit your individual project needs.

Opt for the Corrugated Hallway System, which showcases 20” wide wall panels alongside matching filler panels designed to replicate the profile of your roll-up door, creating a textured and visually appealing hallway.
Or select the Flush Hallway System, characterized by 12” wide glossy white wall and header panels, delivering a sleek and seamless wall finish that maximizes light reflection.
Or mix it up and customize a hallway system somewhere in between. Your facility, your choice.

Hallway systems come in a multitude of popular colors to complement your storage project. Find the color chart below.

Self-Storage Building with all red roll up doors
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