AZ35 layers of steel

AZ35 – the right product for the right project.

As knowledge and technology has changed over the years – so has the continued development of metal materials used in metal roofing, walls and trim.

AZ35 coating, a combination of Aluminum and Zinc used to help protect a steel substrate, has gone through that very transformation.

Upon origination of the AZ35 coating, columns of Zinc running vertically throughout were present. The result was a quicker direct path to the steel substrate and hindered protection. As advancements were made and mills refined their process, AZ35 now has Zinc dispersed in pockets throughout the Aluminum which helps to protect the paths to the substrate and lengthens the rust protection.  Simply put, AZ35 sacrifices itself to help protect the steel.

As you can see by the cross-section image captured from a microscope above, utilizing the long-term partnerships with our steel mills, our Central States paint system along with AZ35 allows us to offer this product to help protect your steel investment.

Like many Central States panels and trim, there are options to choose from. Ultimately, the right level of protection is determined by the specifications of the project and budget available. Check with your contractor or one of our Metal Central metal experts for advice.

Different cities and states have their own set of buildings codes we all must abide by. When looking into materials for your next project, see your local permitting office for restrictions and qualifications regarding the use of AZ35 in your area.

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