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Exposed Fastener System Metal Panels

Panel-Loc Plus

APPLICATION:  Roofing, Siding, Interior Projects, Buildings

GAUGE:  Ultra 26 gauge | Prime 29 gauge


STEEL THICKNESS:  Ultra 0.0185″ | Prime 0.0150″


  • Top coat paint: .70 mil
  • Top coat primer: .30 mil
  • Bottom coat backer: .35 mil
  • Bottom coat primer: .35 mil

TOTAL THICKNESS: Ultra 0.0202″ | Prime 0.0167″





  • Lifetime limited paint adhesion
  • 30-yr. chalk and fade
  • 20-yr. Galvalume perforation
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Panel-Loc Plus Specifications and Line Drawing

Panel-Loc Plus is our most popular and versatile panel! It gives residential, agricultural, and light commercial projects the protection of steel with an attractive appearance. There is an extra striation on top of the rib to give it superior durability and protection against extreme weather. Panel-Loc Plus’s versatility means it can be used on a roof or walls as siding and is available in three qualities: Standard, Prime, and Ultra.

Ribbed metal panels like Panel-Loc Plus have been a staple for decades for pole barns, storage sheds, utility buildings, and light commercial construction. This exposed fastener, bell-top rib metal panel applies over open framing or solid substrate for multiple applications: roof, siding/walls, liner, soffit, interior ceiling, fencing, skirting, and many others.

  • Available in 29 and 26 gauge.
  • Panel-Loc plus comes in panels with 36″ coverage with a distance of 9” in between its ¾” ribs.
  • All panels are SMP paint and come in a variety of colors. Standard panels feature a 40-year paint warranty. See what colors are available in your area.
  • Engineered with a Siphon Groove to minimize leaks.
  • Wide fastening surface for easy application.
  • Unique lap groove hides the overlap, giving a smooth, clean appearance.
  • Bare (non-painted) Galvalume® and galvanized panels from Central States have an acrylic coating which eliminates using oils during manufacturing and eliminates fingerprinting and foot marking during installation.
  • The minimum roof slope for the 3/4″ Panel-Loc Plus is 2-1/2:12. If slopes less than 3:12 are needed, International Building Code (IBC) allows a sealant tape to be used on the laps of the panel.

When you buy Central States metal roofing, siding, or buildings, you can be assured that your new investment will look great for a lifetime. Our warranties cover you in unexpected times. We offer a variety of warranties, depending on the material and panel profile you choose.

Panel-Loc Plus comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty to help protect your investment in your home or business.


Central States has taken the guesswork out of selecting a panel quality with our CentralGuard® system – our specific combination of everything that goes into making the highest-quality metal panels. The CentralGuard name guarantees that you have the best protection and a lifetime paint warranty.

Choose Panel-Loc Plus for the ultimate protection from rain and snow plus, with CentralGuard®, it also has the perfect balance of fade protection, rust blocking, and dent resistance.

Download these helpful tools to learn more:

Layers of Protection
Fade, Rust, Dent
CentralGuard with Fluropon
CentralGuard with Texture
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