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Why Springdale?

Words: Dave Barr


As we set out on an exciting new chapter with the establishment of our first frame plant, the choice of Springdale, Arkansas, stands out as a strategic and well-considered decision. The selection of Springdale was not coincidental but a result of careful analysis and understanding of various factors that make it an ideal location for our expansion.


Central States Springdale Ground Breaking Nov 2023

Central States Springdale Groundbreaking November 2023


Here’s why:


Proximity to Our Lowell Plant

A major consideration in choosing Springdale is its proximity to our existing plant in Lowell. This closeness offers numerous operational advantages. It allows for streamlined coordination between the two facilities, fostering a more integrated and efficient production chain. Shared resources and personnel can move quickly and effectively between the two locations, ensuring a more cohesive operational structure.


Thriving Area with Skilled Workforce

Northwest Arkansas is a vibrant, growing area known for its skilled and diverse workforce. The area has a rich history in manufacturing and industry, which means an experienced and skilled labor to become our next employee-owners. This access to a talented workforce is crucial for our high standards of quality and innovation. Moreover, the community’s commitment to ongoing education and skill development aligns perfectly with our values of continuous improvement and excellence.


Logistically Advantageous

Logistics play a pivotal role in the success of any manufacturing operation. Springdale’s strategic location in Northwest Arkansas offers significant logistical benefits. It is well-connected by major transportation routes, making the movement of raw materials and finished products efficient and cost-effective. This ensures that we can maintain a smooth supply chain, which is vital for meeting customer demands promptly and maintaining high levels of satisfaction.


Our Brand is Well-Known in Northwest Arkansas

Our decision to expand in Springdale is further bolstered by the strong presence and reputation of the Central States brand in Northwest Arkansas. The region has been a supportive home for our business, with an understanding and appreciation of our brand’s history and values. This existing brand recognition and loyalty in the area mean that our new frame plant will be welcomed and supported by the local community. This community connection is not just good for business; it’s essential for building and maintaining sustainable, long-term relationships with both our employee-owner workforce and our customers.

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