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Storage Structures is Now Elevate Structures

New name and innovations create opportunities for customers in self-storage, multifamily, hotel, and student housing construction markets.


VILLA RICA, GA – January 8, 2024 – Storage Structures®, a division of Central States, announced today the rebranding of the business to Elevate Structures®. Elevate will continue to provide the self-storage industry with premier products and services while expanding into multifamily, hotel, and student housing construction markets. The move responds to customer demand for Elevate’s primary structure expertise and innovation in markets adjacent to self-storage. The patented Alpha Framing System with new enhancements remains a cornerstone of Elevate’s offering. Today, the product offering expands with the introduction of self-storage doors and hallway systems.

“We are thrilled to serve the storage market with game-changing innovations and to bring our metal framing expertise to other construction segments where our customers build,” said Richard Allen, President of Elevate Structures. “The new brand reflects our employee-owners’ commitment to forward-looking solutions and project excellence.”

Over the decades, Elevate has been trusted to provide metal framing for over 77 million square feet of structures across the country. Recognized in 2020 as the Most Innovative Product (Inside Self Storage), the company’s Alpha Framing System has been designed in over 240 self-storage buildings nationwide.



Customers of Elevate Structures benefit from the following:

Employee-owned commitment: Elevate is a 100% employee-owned business. Every employee-owner is personally invested in ensuring customer satisfaction and sustained long-term success.

New comprehensive offerings to meet customers’ needs: In the spring of 2024, production of a new proprietary door and hallway system begins. As part of the metal building package, it is supported by the elevated service that self-storage customers require. Further, the patented Alpha Framing System will be offered with integrated lateral framing enhancements which further reduces in-field installation time for seismically sensitive multi-story buildings.

Serving self-storage, hotel, multifamily, and student housing markets: Elevate has been invited to participate in expanding markets, because of the partnerships cultivated with current customers diversified into those areas. The repetitive layout of a mid-rise hotel, multifamily residence, or student housing structure lends itself to the proven benefits of the Alpha Framing System. Alpha’s unique columns and beams, factory-assembled in Central States’ facilities, install up to 3x faster than traditional framing methods in the self-storage industry, resulting in significant construction time and money savings for each project.


About Elevate Structures

Elevate Structures (elevatecs.com), formally known as Storage Structures, was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Villa Rica, Georgia. Elevate is a national leader in innovation and design for the self-storage industry with a dedicated nationwide team of experts who design, procure, and install metal building components for single-story, boat and RV storage, and multi-story self-storage buildings. Elevate is the exclusive provider of the patented Alpha Framing System, which is engineered to significantly shorten construction time for multi-story construction and eliminate concrete staining on partition panels.

About Central States

Central States Manufacturing, Inc. (centralstatesco.com) is 100% employee-owned and was founded in 1988. With over 1,300 employee-owners and 11 regional manufacturing facilities and others under construction, the company serves over 6,000 commercial, architectural, post frame, and residential contractors and customers across the United States. Central States is a leading manufacturer of a diverse range of metal roofing and wall panel profiles, along with a comprehensive line of trim, accessories, and structural purlins.


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