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Jessica Guzman – Go the extra mile.

One of the many cool things about Central States is seeing the number of employee-owners who advance their career internally. Jessica Guzman is one of those very cool cases. Starting in Territory Sales then moving up to Retail Manager of the Cedar Hill, Texas Metal Central location and now most recently being promoted as General Manager of Sales for Texas on March 27. Jessica likes to go the extra mile and encourages her team to do the same and encourages going the extra mile.

“I tend to work better with people who encourage me to do more than just the minimum – people that pushed me to my limits. That is the type of leadership that I personally enjoy and that’s the style that I try to use; push a little bit more than just what we have to get done.”

Growing up, the “doing extra attitude” was everywhere around her in a single-parent home with two sisters.

“My mom has a very strong role model who fought to get to where she wanted to be in life. But that’s the same approach that I take.  I also have two older sisters. I fought for attention and just wanted to do more.”

When professional life came along, Jessica experienced good and bad leaders like we all have. You learn from them both and use what you experienced to make your own unique style of leadership.

“I try never to be one of those who says to do something because I’m the leader. I look for input from my team because we’re all sharing in every project or task.  We all share the responsibility for the wins and losses.  It’s all about doing what you’re supposed to do and if something doesn’t go right, it’s not just that one individual person. It is very much a team approach.”

Being a subject matter expert can have its challenges working in a heavily male field. But like all of the women we have profiled – she does not let that stand in her way nor does she think about it often.

“I work every day try to be the best at it every time I can. To me, I don’t see it as a male dominated place. I’m sure statistically it is but I just come in and I do the best that I can. I hope that my work ethic and knowledge can overcome some of that. I just let my work speak for itself.”

Jessica was recently elevated to the role of General Manager of Sales for Texas. All her previous experience will come into play as she and her leadership style move to yet another level.

“I feel like I’m going into this role now having the credibility with the various positions that I’ve been managing. So, I’ve been in their shoes, I’ve been in those positions. I’m really excited to continue my growth at Central States.”

Thank you, Jessica for your shared experiences and for being such a strong and supportive leader.

To learn more about working for Central States, and to maybe become our next great leader (male or female), please check out our opportunities on our careers page.

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